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Indirect Fire

The Accudraft SmartPad™ is a digital touch pad controller that includes all processes in one computerized unit. Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) allow the user to make changes on the fly and allow access to all phases of the spray and curing process. Settings include adjusting cycle time, temperature, waterborne system activation/deactivation, lighting settings, burner control, heat intensity and reaction time based on season of the year and much more. The Accudraft SmartPad™ contains 2 completely separate operating modes. Mode 1 is for standard solvent based coatings. Mode 2 is for low-VOC or waterbased coatings. Program features change and settings are pre-loaded for each mode. If waterbased paints arent available to you just yet, don’t worry. Any new Accudraft spraybooth with an Accudraft SmartPad™ controller comes ready to control auxiliary drying systems added to your spray booth in the future. There are no extra controls or instructions for your painter, all waterbased controls are integrated into the SmartPad™ and the waterbased system will turn on and off automatically at the proper times during each period in the finishing process.

Product Photo (above): Accudraft SmartPad™ digital PLC control panel


  • Digital Controls
  • Programmable Logic
  • Integrated design – No external timers or switches
  • Dual modes for standard and waterborne paints
  • Will run add-on waterborne systems automatically through the normal user interface
  • Adjust cycle times/temepratures on the fly
  • Self diagnostic alarm codes


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