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For decades Accudraft has been leading the industry in quality paint booths. Their philosophy for reaching and staying at the front of the pack relies on five basic guiding principles: offering advanced technology, innovative design, expert craftsmanship, latest standards, and a wide selection.

As each year has passed, the pros at Accudraft have continued to renew and reaffirm their dominance by meeting and exceeding these goals. After 35+ years in the business, they are still the most trusted and dependable supplier of quality paint booths throughout America.

Quality Paint Booths by Accudraft


What Makes Accudraft the Leader in Quality Paint Booths?

Advanced Technology

Since their beginning in 1977, Accudraft has relied on advanced technology to make paint booth services faster, safer, and more precise. That focus has meant staying at the cutting edge of technological advances and incorporating those advances into their paint booth manufacturing.

Today, no other company offers their trademark technology that is making the job for paint booth operators easier. From paint booth controls to mechanized heated jet dryers and ventilators, Accudraft sets the bar high for quality paint booths.

Innovative Design

When you choose Accudraft paint booths, you are not getting the run-of-the-mill booth design. They work hard to come up with innovative designs to meet all of your needs and to overcome any hindrances in your work. Part of that effort involves speeding up the time that it takes to refinish your customer vehicles.

Accudraft paint booths are designed to eliminate overspray, reduce chemical fumes, and to cut down the time it takes to complete finishes by diminishing the chances for debris, dirt, and contaminants to ruin the paint. Moreover, their heat booth designs and waterborne paint drying systems are leading the way in quality paint booth features and designs that business owners need.

Expert Craftsmanship

All of the innovation and technology in the world does not matter if the quality of the construction of paint booths lags behind. Accudraft manufacturers offer expert craftsmanship in every one of their paint booth products. By using fewer materials to build sturdy, long lasting paint booths, they are able to offer high quality paint booths for less than their competitors.

Even when they outmatch competitor prices, the quality of craftsmanship never suffers. No matter which product you choose or for what purpose, you can rely on the expertise of these 35+ year veterans of paint booth construction. From the hoses and sprays to the conveyor belts and lifts, Accudraft is the most reliable source for quality paint booths.

Latest Standards

Paint booth operators in any industry have a number of regulations and standards to comply with in order to operate their business legally and safely. Fortunately, Accudraft builds all of their paint booth products to meet the latest standards for paint booth design and operation.

Each locality has its own set of rules and federal standards are constantly changing. Yet Accudraft is always aware of the necessary modifications required so that you do not have to worry about failing inspections or being out of compliance. Accudraft paint booth construction comes with detailed assembly instructions and can be installed by a professional contractor.

Wide Selection

Choice is just as important as quality construction because different industries require different specifications. With decades of experience working with every type of industry using paint booth technology, Accudraft offers an impressively wide selection to fit virtually any need.

Beyond the various styles of quality paint booths that they offer, their product list includes many accessories that help to complement paint booths to maximize results. Just some of the accessories that help to make Accudraft the number one paint booth manufacturer include:

  • Mix Rooms
  • Prep Rooms
  • Trademark Colors
  • Heat Drying Systems
  • Jet Drying Systems
  • Waterborne Paint Drying Systems
  • Ventilation Systems

The Highest Quality Paint Booths Come from Accudraft

Buy Yours Today!

Many paint booth companies claim to be the best. At Accudraft you are getting the best quality paint booths on the market. Whatever industry that you work in and whatever your need, they have the paint booths that you need. You can buy small equipment paint booths up to industrial size paint booths capable of housing aircraft and construction equipment.

The knowledgeable sales staff at Accudraft is always available to answer your call and to help you find the style, size, and design that you need. If you are thinking about adding a quality paint booth to your operation, read about some of the things you should know before buying here, then contact Accudraft to discuss your needs further.