Real-time, Intuitive User Interface

See all operations on one convenient user interface with real-time reporting of cabin temperature and humidity. Watch all operations and change settings on the fly. With independent phase icons and relays, the user can advance cycles in order or skip around instantly at the touch of an icon.

Accudraft FOCUS Universal Paint Booth Control Panel

Up to 5 Paint Settings Profiles

Accudraft’s FOCUS control panel allows the user to set up to 5 unique process programs with different times and temperatures per phase. These can be set according to paint manufacturer’s recommended times and temperatures or they can be set to the painters preference. If more than one painter is using the machine, each painter can save their own settings profile.


Remote Monitoring & Control

FOCUS is completely web enabled. Information is sent automatically to Accudraft for a detailed history of activity and alarms/alerts. Accudraft technicians log on to your machine and can not only watch it work, but also have full control to make it operate. Multiple Accudraft systems? No problem. With it’s own unique IP address, each Accudraft machine in your shop will dump information independently and have it’s own unique ID number.


Order Replacements Right From Your Machine

No more having to remember filter change times, filter sizes, etc. Now it’s easy as 1,2,3.

1. Automatic alarms tell you when filters are due.
2. Order replacement filters directly from the control panel.
3. Filters arrive at your door.


See Your Energy Costs

Before starting the unit, the FOCUS control panel requires a painter name and job number. Electrical and gas energy calculations are monitored, saved, and broken down per phase of operation. You can now see what each job cost the shop in both heat and electric usage and how much was used in each phase of the process.