Accudraft VentusPRO Crossdraft Paint Booth


Accudraft’s VentusPRO™ cross draft paint booth system allows for the rapid removal and containment of paint or coating overspray. Incoming air is drawn into the paint booth through the filtered front doors. Air is then drawn through the workspace and through the filtration media at the rear of the paint booth. These contaminants are filtered and exhausted to the outdoors. Paint, sand, weld, or perform any operation that calls for exhaust in a well lit and enclosed space. No limitation of spraying paint as this crossflow paint booth is a fully enclosed work area that can be used for unlimited spraying. Product comes as a full package with all lighting components, controls, filters & hardware. Available in both galvanized and white finish (galvanized pictured)

Product Photo (above): 24′ x 13′ x 9’H VPRO Cross Flow / Cross Draft paint booth in galvanized finish.


  • Crossflow / Crossdraft Paint Booth
  • Unlimited Spraying
  • Inside or Outside Access Lighting
  • 18 Gauge Steel
  • Computerized Manufactured. Pre-punched, Bolt-together Design
  • Galvanized or White Finish


  • LxWxH Extensions

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