39th Annual Northeast Automotive Services Show

Get Your FREE VIP Ticket to Attend the 39th Annual Northeast Automotive Services Show

You won’t have to look very hard to see our Accudraft Paint Booths display at this year’s Annual Northeast Automotive Services Show. We will have the largest display there! You may wonder why the leading paint booth manufacturer in the country would invest so much to display our products and services at this one tradeshow.

The Largest Automotive Tradeshow in the World

Well simply put, this is no ordinary tradeshow. The 39th Annual Northeast Automotive Services Show is a three day event that enables you to pitch your services to the decision makers from every sector of the automotive industry.

Last year 150+ companies were able to pitch their services to the more than 4K attendees which was a more than 10% increase in attendance from 2014. 83% of those attending came from the collision repair industry alone.

Even more importantly, you are able to pitch your services to collision repair shops, mechanics, and manufacturers from throughout the region and the world. In 2015 NJ businesses made up a full 54% of those attending. The second largest contingency came from New York at 22%, PA and CT at 12% and 12% from 34 different States and 5 different countries.

Why We Attend Every Year

At Accudraft Paint Booths we make it a point to attend the Northeast Automotive Services Show every year but we are not the only ones. Over 70% of those businesses and representatives who attended in 2014 returned in 2015. Not to mention the nearly 30% who attended the show for their first time.

It is that reason why we attend every year. We are always adding exciting new products and services to our already industry-leading portfolio. Each year, we seize the opportunity to demonstrate our new innovations to returning attendees as well as first time attendees.

Considering that there are over 17K different auto repair businesses in and around the Meadowlands where the tradeshow is held. This is our chance and yours to nab some of that new business for yourself.

Booth Space is Limited

From Friday March 18 until Sunday March 20 attendees will be able to pitch their products to the largest target audience for the auto repair industry in the world. We purchased the largest booth possible at the tradeshow so that we can demonstrate just how exceptional our products are.

The Meadowlands offers 59K square feet of space upon which vendors who were able to secure their space for this year’s tradeshow can set up their displays. Of the thousands of businesses in the area, booth space even with that much square footage is limited to fewer than 200 businesses.

Depending on the size of your booth, prices go from $1,500 for a small display all the way up to $16K for the largest booths. Custom booths like ours may still be available. Check out the booth sizes and pricing here.

The Best Place to Network

The Annual Northeast Automotive Services Show is where you will find the absolute latest in industry leading products and services. With each display you are able to evaluate just how effective other businesses like ours will benefit your operations.

It is an excellent place to make important connections with other businesses in your region. Of the 4K+ attendees from last year, 29% were new attendees. That is in large part due to an all out marketing campaign executed by the AAPN which reaches far and wide throughout the industry including:

  • 50 Trade Publication Distributors
  • Robust Mailing List of 25K+ Subscribers
  • Featured in Major Trade Publications
  • Held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center

Just minutes from the investment center of Manhattan, the Meadowlands Exposition Center is the perfect venue to display your products and services to the widest possible audience. An easy jump on the Jersey Turnpike or a cab right from Teterboro and you are there and so will we. You can get your free ticket from us!

Download Your Free VIP Ticket

Simply click and print the attached VIP ticket to attend the AASP/NJ’s 39th Annual Northeast Automotive Show at the Meadowlands on Friday through Sunday, March 2016:

  • Friday, March 18, 2016: 5pm – 10pm
  • Saturday, March 29, 2016: 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday, March 20, 2016: 10am – 3pm

This is a $10 value on us because we may want to do business with you and we know that if you are in the collision repair business like 83% of the attendees last year, you will need our business too. Make sure to come check out our booth – it’s the biggest in the house! Download your free VIP ticket now.